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Pork Stock Bones

Price £ 0.10 per 100g

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Pork Stock Bones

Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

This product has no ingredients & allergen Information

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Bonus For The Dogs
Mr Turnbull
Wed 12 Nov 2014

Really Great To Have These For Free (and The Lamb And Beef Bones). It Is Really Nice To Be Able To Boil Them Up For Stock To Make Gravy That Matche...
Mr Lines Davies
Mon 13 Jan 2014

Get These For My Dog And She LOVES Them
Mr Gunfield
Wed 04 Dec 2013

Dog Loves Them
Miss Farrington
Thu 21 Nov 2013

Great. They Do The Job.
Mr King
Tue 08 Oct 2013

Very Little Meat To Bone. Appreciate I Was Buying Bone, But The Product Received Looked Nothing Like The Image.
Mrs Daniels
Mon 18 Aug 2014