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Pigs Cheek
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Pigs cheeks need long slow cooking to bring out the flavour. Meltingly tender when braised or stewed. The taste is incredible.

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Slow Cooked Pigs Cheeks
» Put everything in your slow cooker - NO NEED to brown the meat [trust me, I have experimented ...

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 (Mrs Burnett - BOGNOR REGIS)

 Good peice of meat , the fat keeps it succulent , popped in slow cooker with cider and apples Wonderful

Reviewed on: Tuesday 09 December 2014

 (Mrs Lloyd - BURGESS HILL)

 Lovely flavour but way too much effort involved with trimming the fat

Reviewed on: Sunday 16 November 2014

 (Mrs Elliott - WREXHAM)

 I did not mind the trimming, worth the effort. tasty and good value. great for pie filling. Good slow cooking.

Reviewed on: Wednesday 10 September 2014

 (Mrs Hewitt - CHISLEHURST)

 Fantastic item generally. Sometimes can be a bit low on meat and more bone, but have ordered them in the past and they have generally been good. Cook up beautifully! Low and slow in a crock pot or roasted in the oven. Plenty of flavour!

Reviewed on: Sunday 10 August 2014

 (Mr Leedell - LOUGHBOROUGH)

  The Pigs Cheek really surprised me it was tender and tasty.

Reviewed on: Friday 20 June 2014

 (Mrs Hunter - FARNHAM)

 Required a lot of trimming but very tasty cooked,in the slow cooker.

Reviewed on: Tuesday 10 June 2014

 (Mr Hallett - STEVENAGE)

 needed a lot of trimming but the goulash was worth it!

Reviewed on: Friday 06 June 2014

 (Mr & Mrs Sinclair - CHRISTCHURCH)

 Quite a lot of prep in the trimming - but I cooked them to a pretty simple Nigel Slater recipe and it was SO worth the effort for the flavour! Very tender and succulent. Quite a lot a wastage, but the dog enjoyed the fatty trimmings and it was a cheap meal.

Reviewed on: Friday 28 March 2014

 (Mrs Smith - )

 They were perfect for my taste. I am on a Keto diet and fatty meat is perfect for that. Meat with fat is so much tastier than meat without :)

Reviewed on: Thursday 06 March 2014

 (Mrs Docherty - SULLY)

 Very tasty, ample meat for 2 servings, will buy again

Reviewed on: Monday 10 February 2014

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