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Pigs Cheek
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Pigs cheeks need long slow cooking to bring out the flavour. Meltingly tender when braised or stewed. The taste is incredible.

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Slow Cooked Pigs Cheeks
» Put everything in your slow cooker - NO NEED to brown the meat [trust me, I have experimented ...

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 (Mrs Lloyd - BURGESS HILL)

 Lovely flavour but way too much effort involved with trimming the fat

Reviewed on: Sunday 16 November 2014

 (Mrs Elliott - WREXHAM)

 I did not mind the trimming, worth the effort. tasty and good value. great for pie filling. Good slow cooking.

Reviewed on: Wednesday 10 September 2014

 (Mrs Hewitt - CHISLEHURST)

 Fantastic item generally. Sometimes can be a bit low on meat and more bone, but have ordered them in the past and they have generally been good. Cook up beautifully! Low and slow in a crock pot or roasted in the oven. Plenty of flavour!

Reviewed on: Sunday 10 August 2014

 (Mr Leedell - LOUGHBOROUGH)

  The Pigs Cheek really surprised me it was tender and tasty.

Reviewed on: Friday 20 June 2014

 (Mrs Hunter - FARNHAM)

 Required a lot of trimming but very tasty cooked,in the slow cooker.

Reviewed on: Tuesday 10 June 2014

 (Mr Hallett - STEVENAGE)

 needed a lot of trimming but the goulash was worth it!

Reviewed on: Friday 06 June 2014

 (Mr & Mrs Sinclair - CHRISTCHURCH)

 Quite a lot of prep in the trimming - but I cooked them to a pretty simple Nigel Slater recipe and it was SO worth the effort for the flavour! Very tender and succulent. Quite a lot a wastage, but the dog enjoyed the fatty trimmings and it was a cheap meal.

Reviewed on: Friday 28 March 2014

 (Mrs Smith - )

 They were perfect for my taste. I am on a Keto diet and fatty meat is perfect for that. Meat with fat is so much tastier than meat without :)

Reviewed on: Thursday 06 March 2014

 (Mrs Docherty - SULLY)

 Very tasty, ample meat for 2 servings, will buy again

Reviewed on: Monday 10 February 2014

 (Miss Stone - BEDFORD)

 We love pigs cheek. Slice it up and put in a slow cooker, one cartoon of chopped tomatoes, an onion, a clove of garlic, a tablespoon smoked or regular paprika, a sliced pepper, a cartoon of butter beans. Cook on low for the day and you get an incredible meal that is great with mash or rice, is very tasty and everyone wants more. Plus it is cheap!

Reviewed on: Wednesday 01 January 2014

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