Quality Offal at Farmer's Choice Free Range


Offal offers some of the most interesting tastes and flavours that are easy to prepare and equally exciting to eat. At Farmer's Choice, we prepare our offal from only naturally-reared, free range and slowly matured animals. Due to the high standards of breeding employed, our free range offal meat products are exceptionally healthy with a delicate and succulent taste hard to find elsewhere.

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Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

From pig offal, like pig's heart, pig's liver and black pudding, to different kinds of lamb and ox products like lamb's kidney and oxtails; we offer an extensive range of offal choices to our customers. Besides this, we also stock the traditional Scottish Haggis made from lamb offal, stock, oatmeal and spices; ideal for any special occasion or festive gathering. We even make it easier for you to make your favourite dishes - offering you steak and kidney together; perfect for making a warming, winter pie.

So, take your pick from our online selection of exclusive offal products and just follow the simple steps mentioned on our website to make your order. Alternately, you can also call us or send us your details via email. Our prompt delivery service will be right at your doorstep with your order before you know it.

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