Tasty Lamb Chops from Farmer's Choice

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Take your pick from tasty, free range lamb chops, as well as other lamb joints, such as steaks, fillets, riblets, diced lamb and minced lamb. We know that our customers may want to ask - what makes Farmer's Choice stand out compared to a host of other online meat butchers? Well, we think we can say with confidence that it's our top-of-the-line free range meat! Our free range lamb meat is most definitely of the finest quality and the best value, so when people consider our lamb to be 'natural', it is natural.

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Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

Our sheep graze in open fields and they feed on home-grown feed, so this ensures our promise of traceability for our produce. We follow a natural and traditional method when rearing sheep in our farm, and care is taken at every step to ensure that they live a carefree life and the resultant traditionally-reared, quality meat speaks for itself. Our lamb meat is juicy and tender and the free range meat is produced following very high standards. The meat is inspected at every stage until delivery and we seal in the freshness by freezing the meat before sending. You can trust us to care for our animals and the quality can be witnessed in the free range meat products we supply. So make your order and enjoy our delicious lamb chops today!

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