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Goat Stewing Chopped
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This is an on the bone product chopped from the Shoulder, Loin and Breast of the Goat.
These are normally the fattest parts but, are packed with a lovely flavour and will be sweet and tender if cooked in the traditional methods.

ie. African or Caribbean style curries and casseroles or long slow cook.

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Product Recipes

Thai Curried Goat
The night before, prepare the base by heating the oil curry paste together in a sauce pan until y...

North African Style Goat Curry
» Place all the marinade ingredients except the goat meat and cinnamon stick in a bowl » Mix wel...

Product Reviews

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 (Mrs Dear - SALISBURY)

 Excellent product

Reviewed on: Friday 08 August 2014

 (Mr Holdway - GOSPORT)

 AT TKsnax we make this into Goat Curry very popular with our customers.

Reviewed on: Wednesday 02 April 2014


 Made into Mongolian Hot Pot. Excellent.

Reviewed on: Thursday 23 January 2014

 (Mrs Gibbons - SOUTHAMPTON)

 Fantastically tasty and succulent - perfect in a slow cooked curry. One of my absolute favourites!

Reviewed on: Wednesday 04 December 2013

 (Mrs Gelleburn - LIGHTWATER)

 We wanted to try making goat curry, bought this and followed the recipe on the page, absolutely delicious, highly recommend the meat and the recipe!

Reviewed on: Monday 18 November 2013

 (Ms Milne - MILFORD)

 quite a lot of bone, but otherwise lovely

Reviewed on: Saturday 14 September 2013

 (Mr French - SOUTHAMPTON)

  used them for Caribbean goat stew. Perfect

Reviewed on: Monday 09 September 2013


 Very tasty meat and very low fat meat. Used for a curry goat recipe but quite a lot of bones.

Reviewed on: Monday 12 May 2014

 (Mr Restall - PORTSMOUTH)

 Interesting, had not tried it before, not sure I cooked it to best effect, slo cooker possibly better.

Reviewed on: Thursday 24 October 2013

 (Mr Breach - SOUTHAMPTON)

 The goat meat is rather fatty and quite disappointing. After trimming the fat there really was not much real meat left.

Reviewed on: Thursday 17 July 2014

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