Farmer's Choice Free Range Game Meat

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Farmer's Choice game meat is wild, natural and unquestionably free range! It has a very unique flavour and can be considered a great substitute for meat like beef or chicken. Venison, or deer meat, is a healthy, lean game meat that has a low fat and cholesterol content compared to other meats such as beef. This healthier option doesn't compromise on taste though; venison has an excellent flavour and consistency that is achieved by the length of time it is left to 'hang'. Game meat can be either slow cooked in a low temperature to tenderise the meat or it can also be cooked just like beef - as a roast or steak.
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Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

Rabbit meat is another lean and low fat meat that is available throughout the year. It can be used in different types of recipes, but is best when casseroled or cooked after it is thoroughly marinated. The meat should not be overcooked, and here's a titbit - any chicken recipe is ideal for rabbit meat too. Rabbit meat is also a great source of protein and has very little natural fat, so you don't need to feel guilty about treating yourself to this tasty game meat either.

Farmer's Choice Free Range specialises in a variety of game meat that caters to the finest and most varied of tastes. Our special diced combo of meat known as Game Pie Mix Diced contains wild venison, wild rabbit and game birds like pheasant, partridge and wood pigeon. We also sell wild boar meat and guinea fowl, and you can buy our meat in the form of pot roasts, diced pieces, and even as steaks. So start hunting for your game with Farmer's Choice!

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