Finest Duck and Goose from Farmer's Choice

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Our duck and goose meat combines great flavour with great quality. We rear our poultry with a lot of care and attention and it is the welfare of the duck and geese that is of uppermost importance. At Farmer's Choice, when we proclaim 'free range' we totally mean free range! We follow a farming culture where nothing is ever taken for granted - we look after our animals with great care at all stages of their growth and we ensure they live in suitable conditions. Our free range duck and geese roam freely in pastures and are fed on natural feed, so they are reared just as nature had intended and the flavour and quality of the meat produced is incomparable as a result.

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Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

We have an extensive range of poultry meat, like goose, duck, chicken and pheasant, and a number of cuts available, such as duck supreme; duck in quarters; a joint of goose, chicken and pheasant; fillet; thighs and wings. Farmer's Choice Free Range produces and supplies some of the finest free-range poultry and we believe our name in high quality produce is unparalleled.

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