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Diced Lamb
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Stews, casseroles, curries and kebabs. You need to cook on a slow heat to bring out the best in the meat. To tenderise for curries try marinading overnight in yogurt.


Product Recipes

Simple Lamb Curry
» In a large saucepan gently fry the onion in a little oil untill soft. » Add the garlic and sti...

Souvlaki in Pita
» You will need metal skewers for grilling. » Step By Step Instructions. » Sprinkle the pita br...

Product Reviews

Overall Rating (36 reviews)

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 (Mrs McCarter - BRIGHTON)

 Very tasty

Reviewed on: Sunday 19 October 2014

 (Mrs Churcher - PORTCHESTER)

 Made a great curry.

Reviewed on: Saturday 23 August 2014


 Used to make Lamb,Tomato and baby spinach curry, tender and very good quality as ever

Reviewed on: Thursday 14 August 2014

 (Mr Howick - FAREHAM)

 It is perfect for making Lamb Balti

Reviewed on: Tuesday 22 July 2014


 Easy to cook and a tasty curry

Reviewed on: Monday 21 July 2014

 (Miss Blows - BRIGHTON)

 I used this in a curry, with some sweet potatoes, cougettes, peppers and red onions. The meat was fabulous. It took up just the right amount of flavour from the curry paste and was really tender and flavoursome.

Reviewed on: Sunday 06 July 2014

 (Mrs Hedges - YATELEY)

 Lovely and very tender.

Reviewed on: Friday 20 June 2014

 (Mr Neil - PURBROOK)

 Lovely in a casserole

Reviewed on: Friday 16 May 2014

 (Mrs Devitt Spooner - WORTHING)

 Tender and a delicious flavour

Reviewed on: Friday 25 April 2014

 (Mrs Brian - STAINES)

 Perfect - as always I cannot fault any of the lamb

Reviewed on: Sunday 23 February 2014

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