The Best in Seasonal Food from Farmer's Choice

With Farmer's Choice seasonal food range we can now offer you a selection of some of the best in-season meat and fish that's as fresh as possible and all the tastier for it. Eating seasonal food is just as important as making sure all the meat you eat is free range, because it means that it won't be shipped or flown in from another country and is therefore environmentally, as well as ethically, friendly.
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Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

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We only partner with a few, select farms in the UK, so you know that our seasonal produce is locally sourced; ensuring we can provide you with fresh, seasonal meat at its best in no time at all. We can also offer you great prices on our in-season range because buying seasonally avoids paying hefty prices for rare, out-of-season produce that has to be specially prepared and delivered.

If you want to try some of our in-season meat, seafood and fish, just take a look at a selection of our produce listed below. This summer season you could sample some fresh dressed crab, try the delicate taste of our lamb sweetbreads, or go for some chopped goat for a summer curry. Favourite meats like lamb, beef and turkey are actually in season at the moment too, so you can take your pick from some of our best barbecue products like burgers, kebabs and ribs. You'll be able to enjoy them even more in the summer sunshine knowing you're doing your bit to help local farmers by buying in-season food.