Game Meat from Yorkshire Game

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Buy your Yorkshire Game sourced game meat from Farmer's Choice.

Wild, free range and with unmatched flavour; Farmer's Choice provides a range of fresh game meat sourced straight from the wild countryside and estates by Yorkshire Game! Game comprises a variety of animals and birds that are born in the wild and are not typically raised on farms. It is the unique flavour of the various types of game products that sets it apart from meat raised in a farm environment. Moreover, game meat has also risen in popularity due to its low fat content - meats like venison, rabbit and deer meat are lean and are therefore regarded as healthier options. At the same time, they don't compromise on the taste front and are extremely sumptuous and flavoursome. In fact, the longer game meats are hung after their hunt, the more pronounced their flavour becomes.

This is why we work closely with our specialist partner farm, Yorkshire Game in Richmond, Yorkshire, who process the meat to match our own high standards. Yorkshire Game produce some of the best free range game meat in the region. Right from venison and pheasant meat to rabbit and guinea fowl; the farm has experience of delivering fresh game in season. At Farmer's Choice Free Range, we have complete trust in Yorkshire Game as one of our partner farms and work closely with them for our various game meat products. We know that the farm sources all their game birds from shoots or estates that adhere to the Code of Good Shooting Practice, and follow the EC guidelines on game handling.

So, order from our assortment of wild game meats and take advantage of our home-delivery services today!