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We go to great lengths to source our chicken, beef, pork, lamb and also fish, straight from our numerous partner farms across the UK.

MACDUFF Scotch Beef Farm


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View Silverside Parcel - Grass Fed

800g Silverside Parcel - Grass Fed

View Beef Bourguignon - Grass Fed

Item (675g) Beef Bourguignon - Grass Fed

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View Ox Tail Whole - Grass Fed

500g Ox Tail Whole - Grass Fed

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View T Bone Steak - Grass Fed

1200g T Bone Steak - Grass Fed

View Ox Kidney - Grass Fed

250g Ox Kidney - Grass Fed

View Tomahawk Steak (cote de boeuf) - Grass Fed

400g Tomahawk Steak (cote de boeuf) - Grass Fed

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Scotch Beef is considered one of the best in the world, because the meat is balanced, firm, fat, lean, and coupled with a delicate and prolonged, delectable taste too. All cattle are born and bred in Scotland and finished on natural products such as grass or root crops or a product derived therefrom. All GM Free

This is why we work closely with the MACDUFF Family of farms in the Scottish Glens. MACDUFF Farms produce some of the best, grass-fed and tender beef from their cattle and Farmer's Choice are proud to list them among our select group of partner farms. We know that the farms feed the cattle on only the most natural, high quality food and the meat is always hung afterwards to make sure the quality and taste are improved even more.


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Ingredients & Allergens

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