Farmer's Choice Childhay Manor Farm Chicken

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Childhay Manor Chicken Farm is located in Beaminster, a small town situated in West Dorset at the head of the River Brit Valley. This location is deep in the Dorset countryside and provides a tranquil and very natural environment for farming free range chickens. Farmer's Choice has partnered with Childhay Manor Farm to provide our customers with succulent, free range chicken sourced from a hybrid strain, born and raised slowly in the Dorset countryside. These chickens are chosen specifically keeping our customers in mind, as they are a slow growing breed and are given enough time to enjoy their lives; living naturally in the outside environment that the farm provides them with. The Childhay chickens are fed only on natural and healthy feed that helps them to grow at an organic speed and means that the chicken meat tastes that much better.

Childhay Manor Farm also provides Farmer's Choice with our delicious duck meat. The Peking X Aylesbury breed free range ducks are, just like the chickens, reared outside under totally natural settings and fed on GM-free feed to make sure they live the most natural life possible. By working closely with free range farms, such as Childhay Manor, and providing our customers with information on how our animals are raised, all our meat can be traceable. This means every meat eater can be sure of exactly where their free range food is coming from and know that the animals will have lived a good life under free range conditions. Read on to know more about the Childhay Manor chickens and ducks.