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Free Range Meat Delivery FAQs

Delivery FAQs

Courier UK Next Day deliveries (Fedex)

If your delivery address is in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland, we will NOT be able to offer a next day delivery, therefore any order placed will be cancelled. For Pay As You Go Customers, the delivery address must match the registered address of the payment method used for payment. For Account Customers who pay a monthly sum, an alternative address may used, if first registered with us in writing or entered via the web site into their 'address book'. All orders shipped by 'UK Next Day' courier service must be signed for at the place of delivery. However, to cover a 'no reply' situation when the courier calls with your order, you will need to choose a 'can be left' option when making an order. This is because your order is deemed as perishable and has to be left at your premises whether you are there or not. The courier is not in a position to return the order to us or call back later to you. We will therefore not be seen as responsible for an order that has been left as instructed but not signed for.

How do I change my delivery address information?

You can either give us a ring in the office on 01489 583828 with the new details, or send us an email via our address: Please inform us of the new address in full, any new contact telephone numbers and a new location where deliveries can be left.

What if I'm not in when my meat is delivered?

Our delivery drivers will leave your package in a safe place - which you can decide upon by selecting from a drop down list on the ordering page.

Why will my meat be delivered frozen?

We blast freeze all orders before they are despatched in our freezer vans. This ensures the meat gets to you in great condition and saves you the hassle of having to freeze it. Just pop it straight into your freezer -it couldn't be easier!

If I do not live in your local delivery area who delivers to me?

We now deliver across the country and we use a courier service. They deliver between 8.00am & 17.30pm on Tues, Weds, Thurs and Fridays, but you must provide us with a location for the box to be left in case of no reply.

How do I get a Free Delivery

If you are an active monthly payment customer you receive your order free of charge if it is above minimum order value. If you are a pay as you go customer a delivery charge will apply see our delivery page for more information.

Can I send a gift to a relative or friend

Yes, simply go to the address book within the
My Account
section of our site, select
Add a New Address
then enter your friend's address. This will be stored on your account for you to use at anytime. Please don't forget we will courier the goods to you but delivery days are Tuesday - Friday between 8am - 5.30pm and we must have a safe place for the goods to be left and a contact number.

How is the meat packed for a Courier Delivery?

We use woolcool boxes for all our courier deliveries. The unique insulation in woolcool is produced using pure wool from British sheep, an innovative use of a truly natural resource. A white bag, containing your food, is put in the box and layers of ice are put at the bottom and the top.