Real Food Delivery Service from Farmer's Choice


All our meat and fish produce is enhanced through use of traditional know-how and modern production methods, such as blast freezing and vacuum packing; ensuring that the customer receive the finest quality meat, every time.

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Free Delivery on orders over £65.00

If your order Subtotal is over the £45.00 (Minimum Order Value) but below £65.00 a delivery charge of £3.95 will apply.

Courier Boxes
In our endeavour to ensure that your order reaches you the same way it left us, we pack your order with Dry Ice and Woolcool.
We aim to add the right amount of Dry Ice to your order so that by the time it arrives the Dry Ice has done its job and held your order at a controlled temperature. Then it simply evaporates away.
Woolcool insulated packaging is sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable. Made using 100% pure sheepís wool, hygienically sealed in recyclable food-grade wrap to create cushioning liners in a range of recycled and recyclable cardboard delivery boxes. It has many purposes including lagging pipes and outside taps, draught excluders and loft insulation.

Local Deliveries
We use freezer vans for local deliveries which means that we donít need a lot of excess unnecessary packaging. If you cannot be in to receive your order, our drivers will always make sure your package is safely left where you requested (from the drop down list on the ordering page) or pack your food away in an outside freezer.