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Dorset Charcuterie Platter

Made using our British grass fed and free range meats

Dorset Charcuterie aren't the only producers of fine British air-dried meats but are amongst a growing number of artisan curers and smokers that are, together helping put Britain firmly on the Charcuterie map. Not in the past noted for our Charcuterie, we do in Britain produce some of the finest meat in the world to the highest of welfare standards and so there is no reason why we shouldn't also produce unique world beating Charcuterie.

Antipasti Platter

Antipasti Platter

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Product Description

A fantastic selection pack containing a varing mix of 3 of our Air-Dried Meats which can include Air Dried Beef (Bresaola Style), Coppa, Salami and Air Dried Ham (Prosciutto Style)

Air Dried Ham (Prosciutto Style)
Leg of free-range pork cured simply with salt & matured for 2 months

Chorizo Spiced Coppa
Collar of free-range pork cured with our own blend of chorizo spices & matured for 2 months

Air Dried Beef (Bresaola Style)
Our Bresaola style air dried beef is spiced and salted just like a salami but it's made from a single muscle from our Scottish Beef. This product is ready to eat.

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