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Whole Partridges from Farmer's Choice

British Wild Game Birds



Normal Price £ 0.96 per 100g

  Reviews (5)

Product Description

A beautifully tender bird just big enough for one person. Brown on all sides and oven cook on medium with seasonal veg.

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  Reviews (5)

The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 10 Sep 2014

Really Good
Ms Walsh - HYTHE

- Thu 29 May 2014

Love These Little Game Birds, Each One Ample For A Main Course For One. We Make A Range Of Different Stuffings And Sauces To Go With The Partridge ...
Mrs Elliott - WREXHAM

- Thu 30 Jan 2014

Excellent. Made An Ideal Christmas Dinner For Two People
Mrs Morrison - ADDLESTONE

- Fri 29 May 2015

Great Change For A Quick Sunday Roast.
Mrs Hillman - ESHER

- Wed 22 Jul 2015

Never Cooked Before And Over Baked Them- Need To Learn A Better Recipe.
Mrs Robertson - WIMBORNE

Recipes (1)

View Pan Fried Partridge With A Rice Pilau Stuffing

Pan Fried Partridge With A Rice Pilau Stuffing


Chris and Pete Sole

Located In: Alresford, Hampshire

Specialising in the manufacture and production of wild game, Blackmoor gamefarm have been in the industry for over 30 years. Blackmoor Game farm are members of Hampshire Fare, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the National Farmers Union, the Country Land and Business Association, and the Game Conservancy all institutions dedicated to ensuring the quality of farmland, and the livestock living on it and preserving the countryside's way of life, and all of their game products are subject to stringent quality control measures. These attributes dovetail to ensure a delicious end product ready to wow dinner guests. Read More


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Ingredients & Allergens

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